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Группа : Bad Company
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Патчи Vide
СообщениеТема: Патчи   Патчи Icon_minitimeПт Ноя 12, 2010 2:31 am

В разработке:

(PC Patch 1.09)

• Added support for mods in preparation for the upcoming tools release.
• Addressed various MP & Zombie exploits.
• Improved memory utilization in MP.
• Improved DLC filter in server browser – you can now hide any servers running content you do not own.
• Corrected issue which sometimes required repurchase of emblems or clan tags on weapons.
• Address some cases in which player could not receive Zombie invites.
• Replaced RPG with Grim Reaper in Gun Game Wager Match.
• Fine-tuned napalm and bombing-run damage indoors.
• Prevented rare invulnerability issue.
• Demolition bombs can no longer explode and be defused at the same time.
• Spy plane now activates in One in the Chamber in all cases.
• The “Sprint Kills” challenge for Steady Aim perk now rewards the player with the correct number of kills.
• Addressed a rare issue where a hacked camera spike would not function properly if the hacker also had a camera spike that was destroyed.
• Recording a clip with the speed mode for 2 cameras set to .1 will no longer increase in speed when switching perspectives back and forth.
• Improvements to Zipline functionality when viewed in Theater mode.
• Settings from custom games are all cleared and no longer carry over from one custom match to another.
• Nova gas will now affect players that are standing over their tactical insertion.
• Hardcore players who kill another teammate in Second Chance now lose the proper amount of points.
• Calling in a Chopper Gunner immediately after getting shot down in a Gunship will no longer end the Chopper Gunner run prematurely.

(PC Patch 1.08)

• Радар всегда активируется когда остаются 2 игрока в режиме "Один в стволе".
• Информация о патронах для улучшенных оружий теперь видна на стене с покупкой оружия на всех Зомби картах
• Addressed an issue where Challenges were not appearing in After Action Report.
• Пентагонский Вор теперь не застывает(Не стоит на месте) когда его цель отключается от сервера
• Addressed various exploits.
• Fixed possible wrong gametype shown in server info screen.
• Server browser Hide DLC Content filter saves to player config like other filter settings.
• Call vote menu updated with all maps.
• Addressed issue causing reserved slot kicks on servers with no reserved slots.
• Sniper tweaks for dedicated servers.
• Weapon unlocks no longer appear with wrong icon.
• Friendly names now draw correctly in 3D stereo.
• Fixed some possible crashes during gameplay or film playback.
• Additional stability improvements.

• Sniper ADS tweaks from 1.07 reverted.
• Valkyrie Rockets now work properly with inverted mouse.

(PC Patch 1.07)
• Improved stability for Zombies, Multiplayer, and Dedicated Servers.
• Fixed server hitching when client is kicked for inactivity.
• Added server browser Filter for DLC.
• Quickmatch will prioritize servers running only the maps you own.
• Addressed various MP and Zombies exploits.
• Addition of the “Dolly Cam” editing mode in Theater.
• Improved reliability of Recent Game films saving properly.
• Connectivity improvements for Zombies.
• Addressed issue/exploit when removing Counter Spy Plane effects with the Jammer.
• Players that put an enemy into Second Chance are now credited with a kill when the downed player is killed or takes the 'coward's way out'.
• Players will no longer receive any “hitmarkers” for shooting friendly equipment.
• Addressed an issue with switching classes while using a Chopper Gunner / Gunship.
• Disable player movement sounds when Ninja perk is equipped.
• Players can no longer “spawn tube” with the China Lake at the beginning of a match.
• Additional fine-tuning of audio levels for bomb plants/defuses.
• Headshot “ping” is now only audible if enemy dies.
• Limit the ability to re-roll supply drops using Hardline Pro to Care Packages only, no other killstreak drops.
• Addressed an issue where the incorrect perks would appear when spectating another player under certain circumstances.
• RC-XD adjustments.
• Addressed an issue with calling in Chopper Gunner / Gunship immediately after being shot down from a previous one.
• Various improvements to Multiplayer and Zombies leaderboards.

PC Patch 1.06

• Backward compatibility for films created before Patch 1.05
• Issues with weapon purchases after prestiging in some cases
• Leaving a server and joining a different server, could briefly show the Map of the previous server
• Duplicate player name on a server now becomes playername+slotnumber instead of ‘Unknown Soldier’
• During a 'Demolition' match, the 'Auto-balancing teams' options may cause a 'Defender' player to respawn with a 'Bomb' icon in his inventory
• Minor Shader Warming speed increase
• One In The Chamber no longer counts democlient as a live player
• 16x AA menu option for compatible graphics cards
• Additional Stability improvements

PC Patch 1.051
• SP Audio stuttering on certain systems.

PC Patch 1.05
• MP Audio stuttering on certain systems.
• Playercards sometimes not showing properly.
• Added three Private Match Server Settings: Team Change, Team-Up Period, and Keep Balanced Teams.
• Added Alternate Color Scheme for accessibility: Settings / Multiplayer / Player Name Indicator.
• Changed Team-Up Period countdown interval to 10 seconds.
• Combat Training sessions are no longer counted in Server Browser Unranked tab.
• Friends on your team will now show as blue on your minimap.
• Prevention of various exploits.
• Objective markers localized for all languages.
• Various stability improvements

• Improved threading performance on computers with only 2 cores.
• Additional performance optimizations
• Added an option to pre-cache all shaders during load time. This fixes hitching related to shader compiling on some video cards when viewing an area of the map for the first time.
• Fixed random freezes in certain computer configurations.
• Allow Team Change on Ranked servers when it does not unbalance teams (this is a server admin option).
• Allow Team Change grace period at start of match (server admin option).
• Added 4 more reserved slots (server admin option)
• Added /connect
• Improved quickmatch results (server side change)
• Fix for watching films through Combat Record
• Fixed compassSpectatorsSeeEnemies exploit
• Fixed 3rd person fov exploit
• Fix for infinite supply drop exploit.
• Fixed crosshair flickering when stereo is active.
• Various spawn improvements
• Various sound improvements
• Fix for Zombies – Teammate shadows not displayed properly.
• Fix for radar not staying on in One in the Chamber when it should.
• In a Domination match, the Position Secured medal is no longer delayed.
• 'Hardened: Equipment Shot' Challenge can now be completed by destroying a 'Camera Spike'.
• Fix for choppy final killcam in dedicated servers.
• Various map glitches fixed.
• Weekly and Monthly leaderboards will now track all kills, deaths and assists properly (All Time leaderboards were not affected by this)
• Added mixed hardcore playlist
• Added mixed barebones playlist
• Added 12 player versions of all playlists

• CPU performance improvements
• Server browser bug fixes and tweaks to populate faster and do full refresh less often
• Fixed crash when viewing leaderboards if player has more than 99 friends
• Fix for locked ADS after pressing shift-TAB to bring up Steam overlay
• Fix for ADS while holding shift as a sniper
• CPU performance improvements
• Zombie matchmaking improvements
• Fix for locked ADS after pressing shift-TAB to bring up Steam overlay
• Fix for ADS while holding shift as a sniper

- Friends fix for join in progress and Friends tab in server browser.
- Performance improvement for dual and quad core.
- Improved connectivity with Black Ops Rcon tool.

- has bumped sv_maxrate to 25000 across all servers to reduce lag.
- continues to improve official server distribution in various worldwide regions.

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Количество сообщений : 1251
Возраст : 27
Откуда : г.Барнаул
Группа : Bad Company
Сообщество Сталкеров
Чистое Небо
Патчи Ji5PVxA6bS
Патчи 75e35d686669
Репутация : 34
Дата регистрации : 2008-08-25

Патчи Vide
СообщениеТема: Re: Патчи   Патчи Icon_minitimeЧт Май 26, 2011 5:00 pm

JD_2020 пишет:
PC fans: I just spoke with @pcdev, and it looks like Mod Tools are
still targeting an end-of-month release. Stay tuned for more details.
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